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Here at Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc. we promise to deliver an amazing looking product wherever requested, coupled with first in class aquarium care and maintenance. We have over 40 years of experience providing aquatic installations for a variety of clients, ranging from big budget movie productions to beautiful Los Angeles homes. It is our duty to provide the best possible aquarium to every client that chooses to give us a chance.

If you’ve decided that a beautifully designed aquarium suits the needs of your home, business or production, feel free to contact us with the information below. We can provide a quote and answer any questions you may have regarding the processes of design, construction and installation. An aquatic addition to your home or business can provide a relaxing atmosphere and an air of class that is impossible to match. Additionally, with the right aquarium care and maintenance your fish species will live long, happy lives in a beautiful habitat.

Create your own aquarium by giving us a ring, sending us an email or visiting our showroom in West La!

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