Custom Aquariums for Your Commercial Needs

Designs Customized for Your Unique Business

When it comes to distinguishing your business from the competition, our custom aquariums go a long way in making you stand out from the crowd. Custom aquariums can provided the special touch that elevates your business beyond the standard fare and into the realm of true living art. For 40 years we have utilized our knowledge, resources, and experience to establish a unique aesthetic for many businesses around Los Angeles. From freshwater fish to salt water reefs, we have plenty of options to create custom aquariums that fit your wildest imagination. Do you want a first-hand look at the kinds of designs you can get from Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc? We are home to the only aquatic showroom in Los Angeles. That’s right… we have applied our commercial philosophy to our own business!

Service Above All Else

You will be with us throughout the entire aquatic journey; from design to final installation. Once you’ve chosen your aquariums design and aesthetics, we will begin our construction process, followed shortly by efficient and unobtrusive instillation. When the process is complete, we can provide your new living art fixture with aquarium maintenance service and 24/7 emergency services to ensure that your custom aquariums remain as beautiful and elegant as the day they were first installed. We understand the expectations of what a commercial business needs when it comes to developing and maintaining such a large project, and we intend to deliver on all fronts.

Getting Started

The comfort and sense of tranquility that comes with a custom aquarium in the work space is impossible to match. Be it commercial fish pond design and construction to aquarium care and maintenance, we’ll do everything we can to create the aquatic enhancement of your dreams. Click here to get a free estimate from Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc. or give us a call at (310) 822-7484 and let our custom aquariums designers help you make your business stand out above the rest!

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