A Freshwater Aquarium is a Great Way to Liven Your Los Angeles Home

How A Freshwater Aquarium Can Enhance Your Home or Business

If you want a lush, beautiful aquatic addition to your home a freshwater aquarium is the perfect option. This type of aquarium provides a very natural look and houses species that are easier to maintain than those of the saltwater variety. A freshwater fish is a lower cost option when it comes to livening up your environment with an aquatic feature – it’s also very easy to maintain. Create your own aquarium with Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc. and let your creative imagination run wild! We have the best variety of options when it comes to customizing your tank and building the aquatic habitat of your dreams!

Getting Started

There is very little risk when it comes to tackling the responsibilities of a freshwater aquarium. Freshwater tank maintenance is relatively easy and the lifespan of a freshwater fish is longer than most other options. Create your own aquarium with plant life and the right combination of fish to give it that underwater, wildlife look. Freshwater aquarium installation is easy – we have been doing them for over 40 years and have it down to a science. Here are a few of your freshwater aquarium options when you choose Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc.

Custom Freshwater Aquarium:

Customized freshwater aquariums to suit your needs! Species options include: Discus, Betta, Killifish, German Blue Ram, Boseman Rainbow Fish, Gouramis, Peacock Cichlid, Fantail Guppy, Flowhorn and more!

Planted Design Aquarium:

Planted aquariums maintain a very natural look overall, and provide a great environment for the fish in your tank. Rosette plants, stem plants, ferns, mosses and others work together to create a beautiful habitat for the fish as well as your home or business. Capture the underwater look at its most authentic with a planted design aquarium!

Nano Cube Aquarium:

Small in size but packed with features, a nano cube aquarium is perfect for those who want something a little easier to maintain. Because of the low amount of water needed to sustain this habitat, effective filtration is a requirement. Luckily our nano tanks are designed with this concern in mind and provide another great option for your freshwater needs!

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