Spend More Time Outdoors


Creating a Pond or Water Feature Will Help

Are you debating creating a pond or water feature in your yard but not sure if it’s the right choice? Allow us to tell you about the benefits of having a pond or water feature in your yard to help you make the decision.

Freshwater and saltwater aquariums are beautiful to look at and we can build a custom aquarium to fit just about any space in your home. We understand, however, that some people need something besides an aquarium to really make their living or work space unique.

That’s where we come in. Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc is able to create a pond or water feature that will will take your breath away. When guests arrive to your home or office and they see one of our pond or water features, they will be awestruck. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions.


Ponds and Water Features Have Several Amazing Benefits


Visually Appealing

This benefit is self explanitory. Creating a pond or water feature in your yard or office will add a beautiful asthetic that everyone can enjoy. There is no way to get around the fact that a pond or water feature draws the attention away from all other decor. The water surface sparkling and rippling in the sun is trully a sight to be seen. The visuals become even more stunning with the addition of plants and flowers that add a complex layer of textures and colors.

They’re Relaxing

Water is known to have a very calming affect on people which is one of the reasons you will always hear the sounds of water in yoga or mediation sound tracks. There are even several apps now that help people fallasleep through the sounds of ocean waves, babbling brooks, streams, or rainstorms. Creating a pond or water feature in your home or office will allow you to take advantage of the sounds of running water without the need to use your phone or app.

They Help Educate

Creating a pond or water feature in your yard or office helps educate your children and co-workers about protecting wildlife. How does this happen? As people become exposed to wildlife and their habitats; our curiosity kicks in. We become interested in the animals, plants, and insects, that inhabit these environments. The last stage in this educational development is preservation. We become very invested in protecting the habitat and the plants, animals, and yes, even the insects that occupy them. Ponds and water features are a great way of learning about the circle of life.

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