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Ponds & Water Features

Your Custom Aquarium Inspiration Is Just A Click Away

Looking for a custom aquarium, pond, or water feature but not sure what you are looking for? Before you spend hours going through YouTube Videos or reading articles about how to create your own aquarium, take a look at our aquarium gallery. In our aquarium gallery you will have the opportunity to see some of the saltwater and freshwater aquariums, as well as the ponds we have built for some of our customers over the years.

Our aquarium gallery will not only inspire your next custom aquarium or aquarium installation, it will allow you to choose the type of marine life you want occupying the aquarium or pond. When it comes to filling your aquarium, you can choose from a wide array of fish, corals, or plants. Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc is passionate about building aquariums that not only add to a home’s beauty but allow the owner to benefit from the health benefits of owning an aquarium.

Along with making sure you are completely happy with your aquarium or pond, we also go above and beyond to protect the animals and plants that go into every aquarium or pond we build. Our gallery will allow you to see what animals and plants can be used in your unique habitat while ensuring the safety of both. If you ever have any questions are welcome to call us at (310) 822-7484.