Aquarium Maintenance Services Were Just the Beginning

Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc has been in business in Los Angeles for over 30 years thanks to the owners’ drive to make living art accessible to people looking to add a unique touch of design to their home or business. It’s hard to believe what started as hobby would eventually lead to an aquarium maintenance service and then a world class business. The owner, Ron Rheingold never imagined his freshwater aquarium would eventually turn into a business that works with Hollywood celebrities, Los Angeles production companies, and fortune 500 companies.


Ron’s Rheingold’s Bio

When I was between 6-7 years old, I took an interest in aquariums and marine biology. I would ride my bicycle all over town to all of the local fish stores to purchase items, fish, and chemicals needed to build my first 10 gallon tank. I became so obsessed with the tank and caring for the fish that when I was 15 ½, I got a job working at one of the fish stores where I purchased my fish and products. Little by little I became the fish and aquarium expert in the store and customers began to inquire about aquarium maintenance services.

This really became the turning point in my career. I was in college at the time, studying marine biology and offering aquarium maintenance services to high end clients and things were going really well. Things went so well that I decided to start my first company when I was 19. By the time I was 20, the company had become profitable and I could barely handle the workload. The first company was called Aquatic Design but as my interest in marine biology and aquatic life preservation continued. The company was later renamed to Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc. because it represents the beauty aesthetics of aquariums and ponds as living art.

The Only Aquarium Showroom In Los Angeles

Living Art Aquarium Design, Inc went from offering aquarium maintenance services to helping individuals and business create custom saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums, ponds, and water features. The possibilities are virtually unlimited when it comes to our projects and their installation. Feel free to explore our gallery page to see some of our past projects or you are more than welcome to stop by our aquarium showroom. Our aquarium showroom will allow you to see some of the fish, corals, and plants that can be used to build your custom aquarium.

Are you looking for aquarium maintenance services for your custom pond, or aquarium? Don’t currently have an aquarium or pond but you are looking to get one? Give us a call at (310) 822-7484