Meet the Professionals at Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc.

Experts of the Aquarium Industry Since 1969

At Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc. we specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of custom aquariums in Los Angeles. We have been involved in the aquarium industry for more than 40 years, during which we have mastered the art of providing our customers with the unique aquariums they have envisioned—whether it is for a residential, commercial, or entertainment project.

We built Living Art with one unique vision in mind: to create brilliant and innovative custom aquariums by combining the beauty of the world’s oceans with modern design. In doing so, aquatic life can be enjoyed and admired in both residential and commercial environments, as well as in the entertainment industry.

Every day, we work with homeowners, architects, and design professionals to create unlimited dimensions of living art. When a client hires us, we get a thorough understanding of the project they have in mind, to ensure they will be completely satisfied with the end result. We believe that every one of our clients deserves to have their dream aquarium or pond, and we put our best foot forward in ensuring this happens.

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Over the years, we have received a number of awards for our excellence in design. In addition, we have been the trusted choice of multiple well-known corporations including Apple, Bristol Farms, ESPN, UCLA, Paramount Pictures, and more. Regardless of how large or complicated the project may be, we possess the skills, resources, and determination needed to yield the most favorable results possible.